We all have dreams and at least one leads us to what we really want to do, and how to achieve it.


Sometimes, it can take a while before realizing that what we wanted from the depth of our heart was right in front of us, but when this time is coming, we can tell ourselves: 


« There is always a first for everything ».

Butterflies Gallery


Nature & Life


The beauty of the variety around us also finds its roots in the rhythm of the seasons. Whatever the season we are in, there is a constant state of magic, of amazement, not only outside but also inside our homes.


Life in all the aspects is influenced by the seasons and our living environments are no exceptions. You will find at Spring, on the table, a vase a flowers, daffodils for example, while in Autumn the will be a bowl full of chestnuts or walnuts ready to eat.


Seasons mean renewal, change, variations of colours and light. They are part of this variety.



The birth of an artwork 

« Géants des Airs » 

(Giants of the Skies)

All the artworks are sold with a 

Certificate of Authenticity

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