Article published in Pratique des Arts N° 124 

September 2015 - Pointillism

« There is no uniformity, only variety. It is the essence of beauty. »

Cyril Sanches

About Cyril


« just do it!» was my motto when I decided to fully dedicate myself in 2013 to a passion that never abandoned me since my childhood: drawing and painting. Many events followed: participation in fairs and exhibitions, creation of and the very first sale of an artwork, « Rencontre » (Encounter) during an exhibition in October 2013.


This amazing journey continued in the Aquitaine Region late 2013 close to the Bay of Arcachon and now in Southern Portugal early 2017, in Alentejo, always inspired by variety, nature, happiness, emotion… Life.


Pride is not vanity. « Pratique des Arts » published an article in « Ils nous ont écrit » (They wrote to us), dedicated to Pointillism.


I am a self-taught artist who loves to create with a freedom of expression, without boundaries, only the limits of the sizes, but it does not mean no learning, no openness, and no inspiration from what we see and learn. So, I trained during three years from 1986 to 1989 in various techniques of Art in Paris and discovered Pointillism, with its challenging beauty.


As Art is not just creativity - that would summarize the things too easily, a training period in an advertising start-up helped to practice the skills of marketing slogan and packaging, and twenty years in the printing industry taught me lettering, graphic composition, and layout. Let’s just add the necessary skills to build and run a website progressively acquired over time.


2009 was the discovery of the amazing technique of wet on wet in Watercolor, through the readings of Maryse de May and Ewa Karpińska’s books and trained from 2011 to 2013 with Ewa Karpińska.

Learn more about my artistic journey, and what Art makes me feel.

This beautiful stormy sky originates from « After the Storm », photographed by the Australian artist Katrina Martlew.

©Katrina Martlew -

My philosophy



Art has always fascinated me as far as I can remember, especially drawing and painting, a passion expressed through various subjects and techniques. Variety is the essence of my creativity.


This variety is based on the emotions I feel that I wish to express in my artworks, meaning what is moving me in the subject and “telling” me to be in pointillism, watercolour, or pastel. It explains this logical difference between the artworks with the helping hand evolving over time.


Today, uniformity is becoming a « standard », a pattern unfortunately more and more common. However, express the variety while creating is good. Why would it affect the « artist's touch » and not express the feelings in different ways? All these wonders surrounding us, are they not variety?


The Nature has many aspects, animals, countries… Days and nights are different. Time changes every day. We are, luckily, all different.


So are we willing and happy to see all made with uniformity, abandon this variety? I really doubt that.

Here is my philosophy of Art.



« Rencontre » - Pointillism

Some  Exhibitions



Salon d'Art, Milly-la-Forêt


"Les peintres du Josas », Jouy-en-Josas


Salon des Arts Aquitaine, Blanquefort


CréArt, Le Barp

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